More tips and facts about earthquakes by: Brielle Muck

Things to know

Earthquakes are POWERFUL, completely natural deadly disasters. Earthquakes are known for happening in Canada, Alaska and many other places. Earthquakes happen when at least two tectonic plates smash in to each other. some earthquakes are more powerful then others,that's why people use something called a Richter scale to monitor how strong the earthquake really is.


Its OK to live places ware earthquakes are common. For example in Canada even know earthquakes are common there, most of them you cant even feel. Also in Canada there is fresh produce and Hollywood.


A earthquake may be sudden


To prepare yourself for an earthquake just follow these steps

  • nail furniture to floor
  • after or before a earthquake don't go outside
  • move beds away from dangerous paces
  • prepare a plan contingency for your family and home
  • keep suitable food reserve and keep an abundant water supply
  • keep important documents in safe box
  • if theirs a table or desk near by get under it and hold on during a earthquake
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