Diabetic? Be athletic!

by Addie Olson

General Biology

In type 1 diabetes the body has no insulin and insulin serves as a key to open your cells the insulin allows the glucose to enter and be used for energy. Without insulin, there is no key, so the sugar stays in the blood. In the end the cells never get the energy they need from the glucose.
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What your diet should be

The picture below shows what a diabetics diet should mainly consist of.
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How to monitor you blood sugar and make adjustments

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Exercise and lifestyle choices

Diabetes doesn't stop people from leading the life wanted. It doesn't nessicarily mean other serious health problems in the future.

With careful management you can control the condition, rather than the condition controlling you. This will allow activity and living life to the fullest!

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Why excercise is needed

When active, cells become sensitive to insulin so it can work more efficiently. Your cells also remove glucose from the blood when exercising. So this can help lower blood sugar.

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3 professionals that can help you

Excercise physiologist: Educates people and helps them develop an appropriate exercise program for their fitness level

Psychologist: Helps people manage stress and cope with emotional problems, such as depression, that may develop

Registered dietitian: Educates people and helps them set up and follow their daily meal plan

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The year 2005 was an important one for teenage idol Nick Jonas, member of the pop group the Jonas Brothers. This was not only when the Jonas Brothers formed, but it was also the year he found out he had type 1 diabetes. Though managing diabetes is often challenging with his touring schedule, Jonas tries to be positive. “The first time I heard someone say 'thanks for sharing,' I thought, if I can use this as an opportunity to inspire people, then it’s all worth it,” he told FOX & Friends.
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