Stickhead Green

Baltimore November 15-16


  • Very few families are driving 1 to be exact with limited space. Therefore no tents, tables or coolers.
  • If you have a long shaft you might have to take the head off and pack it in a hockey bag or (I've seen) placing it in a long PVC pipe with caps on both ends (heads off) and sending it with the luggage.

UP LAX, November 15-16

Central Sod Farms Inc.

920 John Brown Road,
Centreville, MD 21617


Saturday's schedule has not been released yet please stay tuned for updates.

11:00 a.m. Field 7 - Snappers 17/18 Premier Team vs Team Stickhead Green (black)

1:00 p.m. Field 7 - St. John's vs Team Stickhead (black)

3:00 p.m. Field 11 - LB3 Jacksonville vs Team Stickhead Green


10 a.m. Field 11 - All Pro Endless Lax Club vs Team Stickhead Green (white)

12 pm. Field 11 - Team Stickhead Green (white) vs LB3 South Elite Atl

2 p.m. Field 10 - Team Stickhead Green (white) vs Chesapeake Storm

Snack Sign-up

We are going light.......sorry for the short notice! We won't have ice or coolers but don't worry it will be COLD!

If you need me - Karen Stone 502.387.7769