The Abrams Parent ROAR

Parent Newsletter, 23 - 24 School Year

Dear Abrams Families,

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! In this newsletter, we will be providing helpful information for our families for the beginning of the school year.

First and foremost, we want to welcome our families back to school! We are excited for this school year, and your attendance at "Meet the Teacher" last week was so much fun!

We have some new teachers and staff at Abrams and we have had some teachers move to different grade levels. Please watch our social media on Facebook and Instagram to meet our staff and get to know a little about them!

Ms. Lois Skaggs is returning to Abrams in the Principal position for the 9th year. Mrs. Savannah Smith is returning as the Assistant Principal and Mr. Mike Enright is joining us as the Dean of Students at Abrams

Mr. Enright is new to Abrams, but is not new to our district. He has been a teacher in the district for 7 years. He has a passion for education and making a positive impact on students. He is eager and excited to meet our students and families!

As your administrative team at Abrams, we are excited to engage with our students and families. We want you to know that we value your feedback, questions, and thoughts. Ms. Skaggs, Mrs. Smith and Mr. Enright are available to our families and parents for feedback, discussions, or questions. If you have a need for a conversation, we are happy to set up a time to meet directly in order to have a focused meeting.


Lois Skaggs, Savannah Smith and Mike Enright

Big picture

Mr. Enright, Ms. Skaggs, Mrs. Smith

School Hours

  • 7:10 am: Student supervision is provided on the playground - please do not drop students off prior to this time
  • 7:05 - 7:25 am: Breakfast is served
  • 7:25 a.m: First bell rings
  • 2:25 pm: Students are dismissed

Breakfast and Lunch

This year breakfast and lunch are free to all students across Colorado!

We are asking all families to help us out by filling out the "Application for Educational Benefits." This helps us to provide for reduced or no cost for classroom fees, summer school and grant related opportunities. You can apply here:

Wish to join your child for breakfast or lunch?

Parents are welcome to join their child for breakfast or lunch. Parents will need to check in and provide identification at the front office prior to joining their child. Your cooperation helps us keep our students safe!

Student Arrival and Dismissal

In the morning, students will have the opportunity to either eat breakfast in the cafeteria or play on the playground before school. School staff will open the gates and supervision will begin at 7:10 a.m.

Our carpool line will start moving at 7:10 am. Please do not enter the carpool line until you are directed to do so, as we do have one school bus that will access the front drive of the school.


To access the carpool lane, families must come up Burris Street from the east and turn right into the Abrams parking lot. There are no left turns allowed into the parking lot between 7 am and 7:30 am.

Please do not park in the front parking lot at Abrams and wait to drop students off. Parents may park in the back parking lot to walk students to the school

  • Students may be dropped off from vehicles ONLY at the front of the school building, at the lane directly in front of the school.
  • Parents who wish to stop their vehicles and walk students to their classrooms must park in the lot at the rear of the school
  • Students may cross Chiles Ave ONLY at the crosswalk, staffed by Fort Carson soldiers.
  • Students may cross Wetzel ONLY at the crosswalk, staffed by Fort Carson soldiers.
  • Students may access the back playground through the gates off of the bus parking.

We are asking that if at all possible, families access Abrams from the back of the school, either using O’Connell from the south side of Abrams or Hare Ave from the north side of Abrams.

When coming through the carpool line, please do NOT drop students off in front of the kindergarten playground. Please pull all the way forward and drop students off in front of the school. This helps us to keep the carpool line moving and get cars off of the surrounding streets.

If you need to get out of the car to assist your child, please park in the lot behind the school off of Wetzel Avenue and walk with your child to their building access door. Please do not get out of your vehicle in front of the school as it holds up the line.

Please do not allow students to exit your vehicle at the bus loading zones at the rear of the school. All students being dropped off by car must be dropped off at the front of the school for safety.


Parents picking up students at dismissal time should park in the lot at the rear of the school and proceed to either the kindergarten blacktop (Kindergarten students only) or the basketball court. Students must present their dismissal cards to the teachers on duty before leaving for the day.

Student Cell Phones and Smart Watches

Cell Phones and Smart Watches Cell phones and smart watches may not be used in the school at all or during the school day. Students will be required to turn off their phones and smart watches while in the school building, and put them in their backpacks in the classroom.

Phones, smart watches, electronic devices, and toys that are seen out of the students backpack will be turned into a member of the Abrams Administrative team and held in the office for parent pick-up. Parents will be notified.

The school and its employees are not responsible for missing, broken or stolen technology equipment.

Parent/Student Handbook

Our Abrams Handbook is a great resource for parents and students. It has been published online and includes school procedures as well as district policies. You can find the handbook here: :

Abrams Elementary School Inclement Weather Dismissal Procedures

In the event of inclement weather, including any of the following:

· lightning danger

· extreme winds

· extreme cold

· large amounts of precipitation

Abrams students will be dismissed at the end of the day by the following procedures:

· Bus Students: These students will be escorted to the buses by staff members as long as it is safe to do so.

· Kindergarten Students: These students will be picked up from the doors they enter the school from.

· 1st – 5th grade Walkers: These students will leave from the cafeteria

· 1st – 5th Car Riders: These students will need to be picked up from the gym (these doors are closest to the basketball court) by parents or guardians.

· 1st – 5th Daycare: These students will be in the care of Mesa Daycare staff.


Information will be communicated to families via Remind and Facebook status.

Abrams Elementary School

School Hours:

7:25 am First Bell

7:30 am School Starts
2:25 pm Student Dismissal