Nutrition is Nutritous

By: Charlotte Murphy

Are you looking to get healthier?

I am a nutritionist who is looking for clients. I charge $153 a day, I work Monday-Friday. I am looking for clients who are willing to follow along with the diet plan. Results should be seen in 3 month. Money back if not satisfied.
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Our diet plan

Our diet starts off with learning about the metabolism, and how the diet can/will affect it. Then balance calories, fats, carbs, etc. Daily exercises, planned meals and routines. Some of our foods consist of, Whole wheat pancakes, Grade A eggs (scrambled) Orange juice, Turkey bacon. For snacks, Any type of fruit or vegetable, &/or whole grain crackers. Lunch- Turkey sandwich with a salad with 100% apple juice. For dinner, grilled salmon with corn, and broccoli with water.

Contact information

Contact for more information at 1800-300-7878


Address: 888 eatright st.