Pediatric Oncologist

Madeline Harrell


The first step to becoming a pediatric oncologist is that you need a bachelor's degree. Next, you need to pass the MCAT. The third and fourth step is to apply and graduate from medical school. Next you need to complete a pediatric residency program then become board certified. Lastly you need to participate in a fellow ship and then become board certified in pediatric oncology.

Duties: examine patients, order diagnostic tests, make diagnosis and prescribe treatments


-Only 1% of all cancer is made up of kids

-Life as a kid with cancer is filler with nausea, headaches and hospital beds

-Childhood cancer survival rates have increased from less than 20% in the 60s to almost 80% today

-Causes of childhood cancer are largely unknown

Average Salary: $175,000


-Campbell University

-North Carolina State at Raleigh

-Meredith College

-University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

-North Carolina Central University

-North Carolina A & T University