Dolphin Evolution

From land to water


The modern day dolphin has had a few ancestors in the past. In total there are about 6 and the first one appeared over 53 million years ago!

Names of the ancestors

The name of the ancestors are Pakicetidae, Ambulocetidae, Remingtonocetidae, Protocetidae, Basilosauridae, Dorudontidae.

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How we know they are related

These creatures that lived millions of years ago all have a hip bone located inside them but even the ones that don't go on land have it too. Another way we know they are related is by looking at the spine, the spines are similar to the ones that animals have to walk on land.
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This video will talk about the ancestors of the dolphin and will say a few facts about them.

(They talk about whales once because they are also related to dolphins)

(Stop at 1:50)

The Evolution of the Dolphin