Exhibition-invasive species

Alex F

Reflection 1

My thoughts on exhibitioin are that it is a big part of your mark and it is a long period of time seven weeks. Reading the letters that we recived they said that it was stressy and if you fall behind you will have alot of homework. They also said that it is alot of fun even though it is stressful. They said that the art component is really fun and so is the media component. But all around I am a bit nervous.

Reflection 2

Exhibition is very fun at the moment. I feel like I am being very balanced. I feel this because I am getting all my work done on time and I am still getting time to play soccer and other sports. An example is when we needed to do our essay done and I did it a little bit every night so I still had time to play.

I also feel like I am being very principled because I am getting all my of my work done and I am helping my group when they needed help. I also am very honest when I do something wrong or when they do something wrong. Another example of being principled is when I knew that we had to finish our report after March Break and my family was going away . So, I did it on the night before we left for March Break.

I feel like I have contributed a lot. One way that I have contributed is when we had to make a power point presentation. Some of my ideas going forward are that it is a very big project and it is very hard. I think my group has been working tougher apart from a couple fights. We solved them by just talking and looking at our central agreements.

Reflection 3-4

Exhibition is going very well at the moment and we are ahead on something. I found most of my information on the internet. I had a bit of trouble finding my information but I got it all done on time. I got all my information for the three animals that we choose on 3 websites one for each invader.

The most challenging part of the research part. Was finding information on the European Green Crab. This was hard because not many people now about the European Green Crab and they do not write a lot of websites so thats why it is hard. I look forward to the future.

Reflection Mentor

Ms. Wilhelm and Ms. Stedman have contributed a lot to our project. They have helped us by sending the letter witch was very helpful. They also have helped us by editing our 2 page reports. They also have been sending websites to look over. Are mentor meeting have gone very well and they have helped a lot. We were talking a lot about are art component and they shared many ideas. The role of a mentor is to support us through the project

Reflection Primary Research

For our primary research we sent a letter to the Toronto Zoo. We asked Question about invasive species. We have not herd back from the Toronto Zoo witch is a little bit disappointing because it would be useful to upgrade our projects.

Reflection MEDIA

For are media component we decide to make an iMovie. I feel like I was not allow to help with the iMovie and every time i tried to help Jack said no. So I just worked on other stuff like the board. The iMovie can be improved by adding transition.

Reflection ART

I feel like I have displayed RESPECT and INDEPENDENCE. I showed respect because when my group needed help and when they split paint on my Green Crab recipes. When my group member split paint I was really annoying because I just finished it then I had to put more paint on it. I showed independence when doing our art component because we all did our own thing and divided and conquered.

Reflection 8

The thing I enjoyed most about our presentation is the skit and that nobody stumbled a lot. In a good presentation everybody needs to know the information so you keep eye-contact and your voice echoes. The thing that made our presentation challenging is that I had different stuff on my notes than on the presentation soI had to memorize the notes and on the last day change the slides. I think the audience learned that the Sea lamprey is endangered in England, the Green Crab rips out eelgrass, and that the Asian Carp can be 1.5 meters long!

Reflection 9

Three key point in the littering presentation that I can recall are that there is two many types of land pollution littering and dumps and land fills, biodegradable products , and garbage cans nee dot be closer to each other and there needs to be more of them. I think the tree most important fact are that the garbage cans need to be closer, the toxins from the plastic is pollution our soil and food, and that we need to use more biodegradable products. Three question that came to my mine are that why is the most common piece of garbage you found? why are the toxins bad for us? why is littering bad?