Ayn Rand

By: Marcus Villacorta

Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand, born in 1905 and Died in 1982. Was a writer and a philosopher. She has written 12 books! 7 of which were Philosophical books.
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Early Life

Ayn, Born in St. Petersburg Russia, loved history and philosophy early on in her life. When she learned American history in her final year of high school she felt that every country should be as free as America is. By the time she went into Collage (at the University of Petrograd), she already decided her love for history and philosophy. Soon after collage she entered the State Institute for Cinema Arts in 1924 to study screenwriting. She tried to be a screenwriter and succeeded, kind of. She was taken in by a director first as an extra then as a script reader and meeting her husband for the first time.

Later on...

When she finally started writing she was a hit and people loved her, but like with most others much love has its saddening equal of being hated by many. She started lecturing about her philosophy and writing papers and books, starting around 1962 and stopping at 1976

My thoughts

I personally think she had to say the stuff she said and act the way she acted. Because no man will pay attention to her as a thinker if she doesn't say controversial stuff. Also important to remember, this was at a time before woman's rights were a big deal so she has to act like a 'Man' to get what she wanted as any powerful person has to act this way, or they just disappear in the sea of people who want power but they're to scared to take it. She knew the power she had to throw at people with no mercy and she showed that!