Newsletter - Term 4 Week 3

Friday, 5th November 2021


The Board of Trustees met this week to discuss the implications of the Public Health Order that comes into effect this month. This order has implications for our whole community. Please see the 'Parent Volunteer Letter' below regarding volunteers. This comes into effect as of 16 November. Our next step is to gather a register of volunteers who have been vaccinated. As per the order we are required to see evidence that you have received the vaccination so please don't be offended if you have volunteered to help and then asked for evidence of your vaccination status.

Students travelling on school buses (12 years and Older)

As per the health order that has come into effect - children 12 years and older must wear a face covering on school transport to and from school. We will begin this on Monday. The children will be spoken to at school about this. Please organise a face covering for your child.

This will also apply to the Year 7 and 8 students who travel to Winton for Technology.

Kapa Haka

This week the school performed their Kapa Haka performance that they were to be doing at this year's Polyfest event. This was videoed professionally and the students did an amazing job. This will be uploaded to our school Facebook page for the community to view. Please take time to go online and watch our performance.

Health Order - Parent Volunteer Letter

Please see below the letter that as a school we have been mandated to inform our community of as from the 16 November 2021.

Kia ora

The response by New Zealanders to this latest COVID-19 outbreak has been strong, with high rates of testing and more and more people are getting vaccinated.

The Government has announced nationwide mandatory vaccination for anyone coming into contact with school aged children and acting in a volunteer role. The vaccination requirements apply whenever in person schooling occurs, such as on the school site, but also applies to school camps, swimming pools, museums (and other class trips), or Education Outside the Classroom programmes, Pet Days and parent help within the school.

In accordance with the recently released Public Health Orders related to testing and vaccination, you are required to have received your first COVID-19 vaccination by 15 November 2021 and to be fully vaccinated by 1 January 2022.

Please provide the Principal with evidence of your initial vaccination by 15 November 2021. If you do not provide the Principal with this, the school will assume that you have not been vaccinated and you will be in breach of the Order and unable to act in a volunteer role for the school. The school is required to receive, compile and store contact and vaccination information. This will be done in relation to the Privacy Act 2020 guidelines.

If there is a medical reason why you cannot be vaccinated, you are not required to meet this mandate, however you will need to provide evidence of your exemption. You will need written confirmation from a suitably qualified health practitioner that you have been examined and the health practitioner has determined that vaccination would be inappropriate for physical or medical reasons.

If you need support to understand these requirements (as a volunteer) in relation to your health, I encourage you to contact your GP or Healthline.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Simon Bell if you have any questions relating to the information in this letter.

Nga mihi,

Simon Bell

Positive Behaviour Tau Cards - Week 2

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TOUCH DRAW Monday 8th November

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School Kapa Haka Performance

We have posted our school Kapa Haka performance on our school Facebook page. There is also a link in this weeks newsletter - please see below.


Junior Agri Kids

Middle School Agri Kids

Senior School Agri Kids

Year 8 Activities - Agri Day


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