South Dakota Fund Raiser

Your Donations Are Appreciated

The 2014 South Dakota Trip is Coming Up

Every year a group of about 80 people attend this trip to minister to the Lakota Sioux in South Dakota. Donations are greatly appreciated. All of your donations go toward helping the Lakota Sioux. Any amount makes an impact on this trip and what all we are able to provide.

Lakota Sioux Culture

The Lakota Sioux live in a rough environment. Many are unable to pay their water or electric bills. It is hard to provide for education for their kids. Some parents can't provide meals some days. These donations will give these people a chance to be taught and be fed meals everyday we are there.

Why Donations Are Important

Donations are important because they help provide meals. They also help provide equipment used for entertainment such as puppets, movies, games, and much more. All of these things help us interact with the Lakota Sioux easier.

Our Goals on This Trip

On this trip we hope to use your donations to help teach the Lakota Sioux. We hope to tell them about Jesus and what He did for us. We hope to also use your donations to buy bibles for the people. Remember, your donations are appreciated greatly!