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Weekly Newsletter - March 30, 2020

I look forward to being with you on the call each weekday morning starting at 9am. The zoom link will remain the same for the future.

Thank you,

Casey Callahan, Ed.D.


Superintendent Services

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support and Guidance - TEA's guidance is updated daily at

EMAT will close at noon CDT on April 1, 2020. School districts and open-enrollment charter schools should place orders for instructional materials needed for the 2019−20 school year before April 1, 2020. EMAT will reopen for ordering materials for the 2020−21 school year on May 4, 2020. Printing paper will be an allowable allotment expense for the duration of the school closures. This change will allow districts to print instructional materials for distribution to students during the school closures.

Texas Teacher of the Year is the highest honor that the State of Texas can bestow upon a teacher. Facilitated by TASA since 2011, the program annually recognizes and rewards teachers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and excellence in teaching. The application will open on April 1st -

Each district / charter can honor excellence in the classroom at the elementary level and the secondary level. All applications are due June 4th.

March Monthly Reminders are located at the end of the newsletter.

Laura Strube



Business and Finance

Here is a link to TASB information on Personnel Issues During Epidemics and School Closings :

If your district is interested in a TRE in the future, you will need to read this report:

House Bill 3 Efficiency Audit Guidelines -

Update to TEA Summary of Finance for 19-20: Property Values & Tax Collections: In the TEA Summary of Finance, the property values will reflect the preliminary results of the property value study (January) and the updated M & O tax collections will use the Fall PEIMS budget data submitted this year. These updates are to both the LPE and DPE side of the SOF calculations. They will affect payments beginning this March (for those districts that are scheduled to receive payments in March). I strongly recommend you check your district’s payments to see if you were impacted greatly. To do so, click here and go to Foundation Payment Schedule.

According to TASBO, these updates reduced state cost by approximately $674 million and increased the amount of funding going out through the transition grants to approximately $615 million.

Full Day PreK Waiver deadline has been extended until April 6 -

Dyslexia - MOE relation - TEA posted a letter concerning the overlap of PIC 37 (dyslexia) and IDEA MOE. Note: TEA is asking you to track the special education portion of PIC 37 separately using a local code.

Clarification Regarding House Bill 3 Dyslexia Allotments, Use of PIC 37, and IDEA-B LEA MOE

**March 25, 2020 - rescheduled to May 20,2020 - FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT Training. This is a TASBO sponsored workshop and registration is through TASBO. Recommended for any personnel that works with payroll and/or approves timesheets - HR Directors, payroll staff, secretaries, principals, business managers, superintendents.

Financial Management for Child Nutrition Program April 28, 2020 Session #035847 - Scott Wilkerson from Region 16 will be presenting. Recommended for Cafeteria Managers and any Business Office personnel that work with the Child Nutrition program.

Public Funds Investment Training - TASBO - April 29, 2020 - In San Angelo - registration is through TASBO.

Henri Gearing

Curriculum and Instruction

TexQuest experts have scheduled digital learning support round table ZOOM meetings, much as our instructional consultants have done, to help your teachers answer questions they may be having about using your state-sponsored resources. Links are below.

TexQuest even links to How-To videos, since many of us have not used TQ much, or at all, with distance learning.

As further support, TQ has crafted a teacher email to put out to your people to get them started. All you need to do is add your user name and password! Your library person should be able to furnish that. If not, email Elizabeth Potter, our Region 15 TexQuest contact with questions. Remember, TQ is a paid subscription, so login info cannot legally be posted publicly (webpage). As you read this email template, you will notice it is signed “your librarian”. You will want to change that as your library person may not necessarily be your TQ contact, particularly in this instance.

For those few of you who do not subscribe to TexQuest, the individual companies have opened to allow us to use their resources FOR FREE in this time of crisis. Access information has been posted on our Region 15 15 resource page. Teachers can go to to find a list of resources.

Education Resources for COVID-19 for Virtual Learning from ESC15.

Please see the calendar below for Zoom Q&A meetings being held by Curriculum and Instruction consultants. Meetings will continue to be added, so please share with your staff and check back for up-to-date meeting availability.

For your curriculum and instruction needs, please contact

David Bedford


Data Services

For your data service needs, please contact

John Shaffer

325 481-4096


Administrative Services

For Administrative Services assistance, please contact

Robin Graves



Federal Programs

Grants & Federal Funding FAQ – TEA released additional guidance on Friday related to federal programs. Please follow this link to read the FAQ document. One thing to consider in light of this FAQ is to do your best to document your current situation if you are unable to engage with stakeholders for your CNA, policy revisions, etc. That documentation will be important next year should you be validated.

CTE Updates on Perkins V

The CLNA (Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment) is currently available under Special Collections in eGrants. TEA has moved the deadline for the CLNA from May 1 to June 1. TEA would still like districts to complete the CLNA if possible by May 1. If you determine that your district will not participate in Perkins V for the 2020-2021 school year, you will need to complete the CLNA indicating you are not going to participate.

I am available to meet over zoom to assist you in completing the CLNA. Please let me know if you would like to connect.

Traci Terrill

COVID-19 Impact Survey - NAFEPA (National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators) requests that districts complete a weekly survey to inform decision makers of the COVID-19 impact on districts. The results are shared with USDE who report that this data is “invaluable”. If you would like to share your experiences, you may complete this 2-minute survey.

Census 2020 – Census data is used for many things that impact schools. Full participation in the census helps ensure that your district receives its share of federal funding. Individuals may complete the census online (, by mail or email. For more information, visit

Census Tips

SRSA Grant – If your district plans to apply for the Small Rural School Achievement grant, the application window closes April 17. Eligible superintendents were sent an email from USDE on January 31, 2020 containing a link to the application, along with estimated allocations. Not sure if your district is eligible? Click here to view eligibility and estimated allocations. (Reminder: dual eligible district must choose between SRSA and RLIS. RLIS applications will be open later in the fall). Contact Tami Knight or Martha Saucedo for more help, or visit USDE’s website.

For Federal Programs assistance, please contact

Robin Graves



Special Education

If you have Special Education-specific questions, please contact:

Jam Page

Special Education Director



April 2020 Monthly Reminders

Accountability and Assessment

Follow up on Instructional Continuity

Administration and Leadership

*Begin hiring staff in accordance with district policy & procedure

Develop and recommend summer school plans

E-rate filing window opens

Approve out-of-district student transfer requests

Update Ask TED

Federal and State Programs

Continue budget process

Schedule/conduct program compliance evaluations for ESSA programs and State Compensatory Education

Review/implement district/campus improvement plans in accordance with district planning process (TEC§11.251)


Review student attendance figures as compared to prior year and budget projections

Review preliminary estimate of 2021 CAD Value

Post metered amounts of electricity, water and gas consumption for which the district is required to pay and aggregate amounts of those services (Government Code, §2265.001(b), House Bill 3693, 80th Legislature, Regular Session)

Food and Nutrition

Child Nutrition Financial Report due to The Texas Department of Agriculture deadline is April 1st

Child Nutrition Food Service Management Company Contract deadline is April 30th

School Board

Discuss preliminary budget/budget workshops

*Approve waivers as needed

Special Education

FY19 MOE (Maintenance of Effort) Preliminary Compliance Review released by TEA; Respond to TEA with documentation of exceptions/adjustment for decline in fiscal effort, if applicable

2019-2020 High Cost Fund Eligibility Application (Optional fund source) opens

Monitor special education expenditures from the general fund to ensure on track for MOE (Maintenance of Effort) compliance

*Requires Board action/approval