By: Juan Treviño

How Fats Keep a Healthy body!

Fats can give energy to the body. Fats give you energy when your carbs aren't giving you enough energy. Also fats have double the calories proteins and carbs have. Fats also help with vitamin absorption. They do this because some fats in the body can't go without adequate daily fat intake. These vitamins are Vitamins A, D, E and K . Vitamin A keeps the eyes healthy, Vitamin D keeps the bones strong, E protects the cells and vitamin K has to deal with blood clotting. Fat also acts as an insulator. Adipose helps you keep a stable body temp. Also helps keep organs in place when you are bumped.

How Much Fat Should a Healthy Teenage Eat.

Healthy teen boys should intake 1800-2600 calories of fat a day and boys ages 14-18 need 2200-3200 calories of fat a day. Healthy teenage girls ages 11-13 need 1800-2200 calories fat a day and girls ages 14-18 need 1800-2400 calories fat a day. It is recommended to intake at least 5-6 teaspoons a day.

How Fat Causes Health Problems.

Fats can higher the risk of strokes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and clotting of the blood. Also overweight women, have higher level of male hormones which can risk the chance of having a heart disease. To much fat can cause balding and some excess facial hair, and acne.Having too much fat can affect the hormone insulin which can cause diabetes and cause a risk in heart problems.

How to Little Fat Intake Can Cause Health Problems.

To little fat intake can cause depression. To little intake can hurt your mental health. It can hurt your omega 3s which links up with Bipolar, ADHD, Eating Disorder, and schizophrenia. It also cause an increase Cancer. Colon, breast, and prostate cancers have all been connected with low intakes of fat. Also a high intake of healthy fats can lower the risk of prostate tumors. It can cause over eating. When you take a low fat diet some of the food that you intake has added sugar to it. Also when you eat healthy fats, and your metabolism is full it is happy but when you are not putting that fats in your body your metabolism is telling you that your are hungry.

What Foods Provide Good Sources of Fat.

You can fine healthy fats in Avocados, and Eggs. Avocado have a healthy fat that is monounsaturated causing or helping with lowering cholesterol. Eggs have a good amount of protein in them and have 5 g of fat in them. They also contain vitamin B that links with the brain.

Where Can You Find Fat On The food Pyramid.

You can find fat at the top of the food pyramid. It is link with sweets and oils.

Interesting Fun Facts About Fat!

Fat is what gives our food taste and the texture. Also muscles ways more than fat, but a pound of muscle and a pound of fat weigh the same. Brown cell fat generates heat for the body.