6th Grade Expedition!

June 2015

Art Symbolism

6th grade students are participating in a cross-discipline expedition that is combining social studies with art, music, and library technology.

The Task? Students were to choose one aspect of communication in Medieval Europe and pair it with a 21st century trade network' to exchange and/or diffuse an idea.

In art class they created a stained glass 'window' using what they learned about symbolism in art and our social student is medieval unit. Please share and try to answer their questions!

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Me and the Golden Sugar Sweets

Me and the Golden Sugar Sweets is the art project I did for my 6th grade Medieval project and it is a stained glass picture. This is for symbolism and it symbolizes one thing from 3 different other things. Can you guess what the 3 things are and what they represent?
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I call this art A New World. Can you find out why?

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The Inventions of One Person and the Thoughts of a Person

This symbolizes that inventions are important to me.