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McCord Middle School October 3, 2022 - October 7, 2022

Cell Phone Reminder

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Cell phones have become a major distraction to the learning process in recent years. In order to make sure students and staff can focus their time and energies on the important learning happening in the building, we are requiring students who bring their cell phones to school to keep them in their lockers during the school day.

We will use the following protocol for students who have cell phones out during school hours.
  • First time: Staff warning and reminder to go put in locker.
  • Second time: Teacher will call home and with possible teacher given consequence.
  • Third time: Office referral with potential consequence as well as student/family being asked to either leave cell phone at home or drop it off at the office each morning for a collaboratively determined length of time. The office has a locked cell phone box to store phones in for security.
  • Fourth or more: Student will be required to leave their phone at home or in the office for the remainder of the quarter.

Families who have unique circumstances that may impact this should reach out to the Principal or Assistant Principal to set up a meeting and plan for your student's cell phone at school.

Snowplow Art

I am incredibly proud of these students & Ms. Slezak who made our snow plow mural happen. From left to right: June Nicoll, Aleena Miles, Willow Vaughn, and Dakota San Roman.

Other student artists not pictured include: Bailey Wilson, Alex Chandler, Avelina Pavlova, Brielle Curry, Dominic Penrod, Dane Bender, Roman Schmoll, Mackenzie Logan, Avery Naymik, Abby Jones, and Audrey Butterfield.

The City of Worthington will have the plow displayed at the Worthington farmer’s market this Saturday, 10/8.

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Greetings from CoolTechGirls,

CoolTechGirls is a nonprofit dedicated to providing a supportive and collaborative environment to school age girls to ignite their passion in science and technology. We work with local companies and educational institutions, namely schools and colleges, to showcase women role models who share their life experiences and career aspirations. Our goal is to continue to collaborate as we continue to inspire young girls to participate in STEM. You can check out our past partnerships and programs at https://cooltechgirls.org/.

This fall, we would like to share with you the CoolTechGirls TechnoFashion program for middle school girls. There are 3 workshops on October 15th and 29th and November 12th and we would like to invite the girls from your school to participate! Please forward the information below to girls in grades 6-8 who are interested in Science, Technology, and Engineering. We would be grateful if you could share a post dedicated to TechnoFashion through your school's social media channels as well.

The interested students and parents can click on the following registration link: https://forms.gle/vuuySgZCY43R45KF9 and register for our program. Upon submission, parents will be asked to pay a $50 registration fee, which covers the cost of the three technical workshops. If they cannot afford this fee, they can email us at info@cooltechgirls.org explaining their situation.

This small, one-time fee, will cover the following aspects of the program:

  • Three in-person workshops covering engineering and wearable technology concepts

  • Workshops designed in collaboration with our OSU associates

  • All workshop materials, including one workshop kit valued at a total of $110

  • Work on three projects during the workshop hours

  • Access to mentors, as needed

Please visit our website https://cooltechgirls.org/ to see the details on last year’s program. We have attached the details to this year’s program to this email.

Communications Team


The girls of today creating the world of tomorrow
through science, technology, and engineering.

E-mail: info@cooltechgirls.org

Instagram: @cooltechgirls

Twitter: @CoolTechGirls

Facebook: cooltech.girls

A huge congrats to Mrs. Megan Kirsten, Assistant Principal of McCord Middle School for being named the '22-'23 OASSA Assistant Principal of the Year!



Thanks to the amazing pool of outstanding AP's who were nominated for this award this year!
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OASSA Assistant Principal of the Year

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Want to work for Apple? You need these 4 traits.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told a group of students in Italy last week what it takes to get and keep a job with the Cupertino tech giant. Cook said Apple seeks out candidates with four shared skillsets that help employees — and the company — succeed.

Apple looks for 4 main skills in prospective employees:

Cook made his remarks in Naples during his visit to the University of Naples Federico II, where he attended commencement, received an honorary Master’s degree in innovation and took part in a Q&A session with students.

What are the four magical traits or skills, as reported by CNBC and other media outlets? Here they are in the order Cook described them:

  1. The ability to collaborate
  2. Creativity
  3. Curiosity
  4. Expertise

“It’s been a very good formula for us,” Cook said. “It’s not like somebody goes in a corner or closet and figures out [how to build technology] by themselves. Collaboration is crucial, Cook said, because it combines the other three skillsets. “We look for… the fundamental feeling that if I share my idea with you, that that idea will grow and get bigger and get better,” he said. “And that [collaborative] process is how Apple creates products.” Ask questions ‘like a kid would do’

He added that launching new products and improving existing ones depends on teamwork, which lends itself to creativity and curiosity. “We look for people that think different — that can look at a problem and not be caught up in the dogma of how that problem has always been [solved],” he said. “It’s a cliché, but there are no dumb questions. It’s amazing when somebody starts to ask questions as a kid would do.” And yet questions remain about Apple’s culture and work environment. “But whether Apple’s hiring tactics consistently ensure a positive working environment is up for debate. This year, the company dropped off Comparably’s annual list of global companies with the best workplace culture. It also received a ‘C’ rating for office culture, despite ranking at No. 14 last year,” CNBC said.

It also noted Apple fell 25 places — from 31 to 56 — on the annual ranking of best places to work in the U.S. from Glassdoor, and receives plenty of negative employee reviews about high stress, crazy schedules and bad work-life balance.