Trepa Times

Week thirty-five


It's that time of year again! I've met with some of you already, but need to meet with the rest of you! Those of you with portfolios, be sure to give those to me ASAP, if you haven't already.

Cathy has access to my calendar. Please see her and schedule a time for us to meet for your annual review or 3rd year performance review.

Staying in Bettendorf!

I have received word officially that I will be remaining in Bettendorf! West Marshall selected a candidate that is from West Marshall (and currently residing there) as their next superintendent. Thank you to all of you for your kind words of encouragement and support. I am pleased to be staying with my Paul Norton family and continuing the great work we have started!

Staff Meeting


  • PBIS Data
  • Staff sharing (staff that have attended workshops, conferences, etc. will share take aways they had and how they've applied it to their classrooms)
  • Literacy Discussion

Duty Schedule

Gym: Hayward/Retzl

Bus: Hiatt

Pick Up: Unertl

Crow Creek: Paul/Graham

PTA meeting

Tuesday is the last PTA meeting of the year! Here are those of you that signed up for it at the beginning of the year! All are welcome, however.

Kathy Hayward

Nicole Unertl (unable to attend previously)

Tune Up Tuesday

Our tune-up Tuesday is the bathroom.

McDonald's Night

Thursday night is PN's McDonald's night. Be sure to wear your shirts to your shift. It will be a lot of fun! Join us, even if you didn't sign up to work. We will be at the 53rd street McDonald's. Thank you to Lisa Fiedler for recruiting us and organizing this event.

Julie's Schedule


7:30 Professional Coaching/Conversation

9:45 Summative Evaluation

3:30 Staff Meeting


3:30 Professional Coaching/Conversation

7:00 p.m. PTA mtg.


Early Release (PAC)

10:30-1:30 Strat 1 interviews @ NA


5th grade track meet

7:30 BDT mtg.

9:15-11:15 3rd grade interviews

McDonald's night for PN


7:30 Professional Coaching/Conversation

3:30 IEP