North Carolina Read to Achieve

What Every Parent Needs to Know

What is Read to Achieve?

Read to Achieve is a program created in legislation approved by the North Carolina General Assembly in July 2012. The program has components for improving reading proficiency for students in kindergarten through third grade. The law offers multiple supports for children as they build reading ability

Parent Presentation

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What should reading instruction look like for students in grades K-3?

Reading is the core of all instruction. All subjects, including math, science, and social studies, require literacy skills. In the early grades, students build foundational skills to help them learn to read. Teachers use a variety of methods and strategies to teach children these basic skills, including hearing letter sounds, connecting sounds with letters and words, putting sounds together to make words, reading smoothly and fluently, building vocabulary, and deepening comprehension. Students practice reading and are read to daily.
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Reading in Third Grade

What is the EOG?

Beginning in third grade, students are given an End-of-Grade (EOG) test that measures achievement in reading comprehension. Your child is assessed on standards taught during the third-grade year.

What happens if my child does not pass the reading EOG?

If your child did not pass the EOG, you will be notified in writing about other opportunities for your child to show proficiency.

What happens if my child is not reading well?

Your child’s teacher will request a conference and share with you the strategies used to help your child in reading.