Culture Notes

By: Claire Kubitschek

Page 39

It is customary for guests to bring a gift when invited to a French home. When talking to someone at dinner you should avoid talking about someones age, salary, or political affiliation.

Page 42

Some french teenage rooms don't have closets, so most of there clothes would be held in an armoire. Most families also have only one tv set and it is usually in a room where everyone can watch it, like in the family room. The toilets that are located in the house are in a separate room than the bathrooms. Lastly in a French teenagers room, you will rarely find a telephone because people are charged for every phone call made.

Page 44

When you compliment a French person's home or possessions, the response will be the same as if you complimented the person's clothing or appearance. Merci is not always the response to everything, you can use other terms that are more appropriate.

Page 48

Notre- Dame de Chartres is one of the most famous Gothic cathedrals. It is well known for its different towers, one is a plain Romanesque tower and the other is more of an ornate Gothic tower. Chartres still has most of its original stained glass windows and its great size, and light filled interior illustrate the Gothic construction.