Farming Brothers

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Just a bit of backround of our company:

The Farming Brothers proud Canadian company has over 475 workers in our farm. we make around $107,000 every year. We produce fresh fruit, animals, and wheat for all 10 provinces and 3 territories. During the hot seasons like spring and summer we harvest crops, during winter we cannot harvest a lot of crops. But fall is our most busiest season yet!

Our business line:

905-420-1337 Personal calls: 416-792-2524 Signing up number: 647-728-7200

Our Goal For The Farm

We want to try to get people eating healthier around the world, and you can help. We're starting a donation for the farm. The more money you donate, the more machines and trucks we can have to send more of our products to you. Start today!

Our names

We are the Wilson family and we have a company called the farming brothers. I am James Wilson, and my little brother is Wade Wilson. We both love what we do because we can provide so much healthy food for people.