Architectural Engineering

Pallavi Sridhar

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On a typical day an architectural engineer would....

  • Prepare scaled drawings by computer software and by hand
  • Manage construction contracts
  • Visit construction sites to review progress
  • Meet with clients and discuss projects and work
  • Estimate the amount of required materials for a project
  • Seek new work by marketing and giving presentations

What education do you need to be an Architectural Engineer?

  • A Bachelor Degree in Architecture
  • Previous work experience, is required by most employers, an alternative could be:
  • Internship in the field (some require 3 year internship)
  • Passing the Architect Registration Exam (Certification from the National Council of Architectural Registration Board)

Average salary

  • The average Architect makes about $73,090 a year
  • Compared to other engineers it is a median amount. Some make more and some make less than the average architect/architectural engineer


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