The atomic number for magnesium:12


The atomic mass is 24

Subatomic particles:

electrons:12protons:12neutrons:12Protons and neutron are found in the nucleus.Electrons are found in the electron cloud.

Who discovered it?

Joseph Black discovered magnesium.

When was it discovered?

Magnesium was discovered in 1755.

What are some uses for magnesium?

Keeps blood surgar levels normal.

How reactive is magnesium and why?

Magnesium is highly reactive because the electrons are far from the nucleus.

Some properties of magnesium?

Magnesium is a ductile, silver-white, chemically active metal.

What group is magnesium in? How many valence electrons does it have?

Magnesium is part of the alkaline earth metals group.It has two valence electrons.

Magnesium's period number? How many energy levels?

The period number of magnesium is three. Magnesium has three energy levels.