Steps of Naturalization Process

By: Ryan H, Logan P

Completing Your Application

  • Complete Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.
  • Get two photographs of yourself that meet immigration service requirements (pose, size, lighting, etc.).
  • Collect the necessary documents.
  • Send your application, documents and fee

Geting Fingerprinted

  • Receive an appointment letter from the USCIS.
  • Go to the fingerprint location.
  • Get your fingerprints taken.
  • Mail additional documents if requested.

Being Interviewed And Tested

  • Receive an appointment for your interview.
  • Go to your local office at the specified time.
  • Bring identification.
  • Answer questions about your application and your background.
  • Take the English and civics tests.
  • Receive a decision.

Taking The Oath Of Allegiance

  • Receive a ceremony date.
  • Check in at the ceremony.
  • Return your Permanent Resident Card.
  • Answer questions about what you have been doing since your interview.
  • Take the oath of allegiance.

Ways To Lose Citizenship

  1. Voluntary acquisition of another citizenship
  2. Residing abroad on a permanent basis
  3. Fraud in the naturalisation process, including shame marriages, or failure to give up the other citizenship in countries which require that as a condition of naturalisation
  4. Serving in a foreign military or foreign government
  5. Upon adoption by a foreign citizen, or other change in the child's legal relation to the parents such as annulment of maternity/paternity
  6. For a minor, upon the loss of citizenship by the parents
  7. Failure to fulfill conditions, for example in Japan, where Japanese children born with an additional citizenship lose Japanese citizenship if they fail to give up the other citizenship before the age of 22
  8. Voluntary renunciation

Illegal Vs. legal

Illegal aliens didn't follow the process above because of reasons like. They Didn't want to go throughout that long tiering process and end up getting turned down.

Legal aliens are those who took the time to follow the steps into becoming a citizen and are enjoying there life free and happy.