Reaching the Lost in Scotland

Emily Hefner

Greetings from Glasgow, Scotland!

Praise God for yet another month of working in His kingdom and all for His glory! This month of April has been nothing less than amazing and I praise God for the great things that He has done. I am so thankful for this opportunity that I have in being here in Glasgow, Scotland and to just be a part of what is happening.

For starts this month, we HBC students organized and put together a drama for Easter Sunday. We played, sang, acted, and painted all to show that Jesus paid it all on that day. In this Easter Sunday service there were well over a hundred people in attendance with us.
Next up, was Northern District Conference happening right here at New Life Church in Glasgow, Scotland. Bro and Sis Shalm came to minster to us with words from the Lord. It was a very powerful weekend where many were refilled with the Holy Ghost and two people were first time filled with the Holy Ghost after Sunday morning service. During that weekend, we had over a hundred people in attendance with us. Praise God for what He is doing here in Glasgow.

Then, we had our regional prayer trip which was to Budapest, Hungary. Along with the Kelley's, we HBC students and a few from New Life Church met up with other groups once arriving in Budapest. We teamed up with church groups from London, Bro & Sis Patterson, Bro & Sis Tuttle, Bro & Sis Coker, Bro & Sis Tir, Bro Kyle Ashworth, and more.

As we all came together in one accord, we walked through the city praying blessings and claiming the victory over Budapest. We walked in, under, over, and floated through the city of Budapest. On that Sunday morning, we had church service in their church which is a small apartment. Our whole team fit in there plus 11 Hungarian visitors; there were almost 50 people all together. It was a packed house, which is a wonderful problem to have!

After this weekend I believe that great things are going to happen in the city of Budapest, and that a church will soon rise up.

Also, in this month, one of my fellow classmates, Jeanette Sanchez got the opportunity to translate from English to Portuguese for Bro Cooney at the Portuguese revival in Gilford, Ireland. She was allowed to take along two friends in which she asked me and another classmate Brier Scott to come along and help with music, outreach, and alter work. It was such an honor to be able to be a part of what had happened that weekend. After the Sunday morning service, there were three people baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus. We Praise God for what He is doing in Northern Ireland.