The Teacher I Dream of Being

by Christina Avila

Let kids be kids

The Western society is forcing children to grow up too quickly. There is often pressure to have the smartest kid, the fastest kid, or the cutest kid. Parents often compare their child to other kids. Unfortunately, a mom (or dad) can feel she is not good enough if her child is not writing his name before starting school, not wearing the newest clothes, or not throwing the best birthday party. Somehow the respect for allowing a child to just be a kid is slowly slipping away. My dream job is to be a teacher that encourages children to have the freedom just to be a kid. If I a child does not understand something, I want to be the one that takes the time to care. I want the child to explain things to me, so I can better understand how the child perceives the situation. This style of teaching will take time and effort, but I feel every child is worth it.

I want to make a difference in the life of a child.

My ideal work environment is someplace where I can expand my love for children. I am certain that I will start my adventure into teaching in a public school setting. I need to have this knowledge as a base to build upon. A public school has a lot to offer, although I fear a public school may limit my desires. I have big dreams, but I will be happy if a handful of them come true. Money isn't as important to me as a child learning to understand something. Of course, I want to be paid. In my ideal situation, I would make $40,000 a year. It would be nice to support myself. Getting health insurance is a big deal to me. I have worked in a family business and I know I have the ability to create a new school, but I am uncertain if I want that responsibility. For now, I would be happy becoming a part of the VIBES school or a similar charter school where every child matters. I want to encourage children to chase their dreams, and it seems odd to limit my own dreams.

Mrs. Avila's Classroom

"Those of us who are in this world to educate- to care for - young children have a special calling: a calling that has very little to do with the collection of expensive possessions but has a lot to do with the worth inside of hearts and heads. In fact, that's our domain: the heads and hearts of the next generation, the thoughts and feelings of the future." - Fred Rogers

My passion

I have a desire to work with elementary students who are sometimes forgotten. I see myself working with both “smart kids” and the kids who don’t learn as quickly. All children have the right to an education. I believe all children have a desire to learn to the best of their abilities. I want to be the teacher that goes above and beyond to help a child learn. If a child doesn't understand something, I want to spend time learning what the child does understand. I want to know what the child gets excited about and how I can use that excitement to help the child learn.

When I told my family about my dream of becoming a teacher, I mentioned my idea felt untouchable, like trying to go to the moon. I was quickly encouraged not to limit myself to the moon, but instead to aim for Mars. My laptop computer is proudly called "Mars Rover 1." This is a daily reminder of a mission I can, and will, achieve. Every child should have a "Mars" to challenge ones goals.

Every child matters

When I started my journey into teaching, I realized I want every child to feel he or she is smart. I don't want it to be done in a sassy way, with attitude or fluff. Instead, I want every child, regardless of how smart the person actually is, to feel important. Children will try their best if we believe their best is good enough, even if that means they fail to meet our adult expectations. Every child is important, every child is enough, and every child should feel that way.

I am committed

"No book, toy, video, or computer program can substitute for you, a human being who knows about and cares about young children. You are the vital ingredient. You will set the goals and make the plans to address them. What you have to give is yourself - your caring, your energy, your knowledge and skills, and your commitment." - page 496

The possibilities are endless....