Pruett, K.



Did you know moths are insects? Do you know what insects are? Insects have 6 legs and can fly. If you want to learn more about Moths read on. Moths are amazing creatures!


Did you know moths have eye spots on their wings to scare predators away? Moths have dull colors that are mostly gray or brown. They have scales that give them color. Moths antennas look like feathers. They have

big hairy body’s. Their wings span between 6 inches (15 centimeters) and 1 foot long. That’s huge for a small insect. That is a moth's appearance!


Did you know moths live everywhere but Antarctica. They live in nature and near plants. They do not make a home for their young. After their born they leave their mom’s. That seems scary to leave your mom after you’re born. That is a moth’s habitat!


A moth eats nectar and tree sap. A moth finds its own food. To get food

it goes flower to flower to collect food and tree to tree to get tree sap. That is what a moth eats!

Interesting Facts

Did you know moths hide in trees during the day and at night are attracted to light! Their antennas smell for food. I wish I had antennas to

smell for food. To mate a girl gives off a scent and a male smells her from miles away and flies to her and they mate. To have babies a girl lays eggs.

They use their proboscis to to drink nectar their proboscis looks like a straw. Silk Moths do not eat. If I didn’t eat I would be starving all the time.

They rest with there wings. Those are interesting facts about moths.

Moths are beautiful insects. Moths live in interesting places. A moth eats weird things. Moths dull color help them blend into things. Moths are interesting creatures!