Come Live In The Inca Empire!

Why? Keep Reading!:)

We Have Amazing Structure!

We all know that Inca Empire is the most amazing place to live because of how beautiful our empire and structure is of buildings! We built everything with our own bare hands! Imagine being able to wake up to one beautiful city every single morning!

Our Roads Are Great!

Need to get somewhere quick? Us Incas have created the most amazing road for any of your needs! Our amazing messagers (read more about below) also use our roads! It's best for your needs! You can use them to get anywhere as quick as possible, which means you will never be late to work! It's honestly super quick and simple, and a huge reason you should come live in the Inca Empire!

We Have Class Structure!

  • The Emperor: Top of our Inca society, gets whatever they want & is allowed to do whatever they want, has servants, and called Sapa Inca.
  • Nobles: receives gifts, allowed to have multiple wifes, has servants, did not have to pay taxes, and there are three different stages of nobles (Capc Incas, Hahua Incas, and Curacas)
  • Commoners: normal people, farmers & herders, some were servants,and the workers of the town.

**Moving Here You Start As A Commoner**

What a great reason to move here! Imagine being a commoner! You would be so important to everyone because your work will support life of tons of people! Move here to be a commoner, and with work even a higher rank!

Love? Love. ❤️‍

Marriage here in the Inca Empire is really exciting! Imagine falling in love in the Inca Empire! Here girls marry at age 16 and guys marry in their early 20s. You can pick your mate, who most likely will be in your ayllu (learn about these is "Family Life!" section!), or your family members may set you up an arranged marriage. Marriage is just a whole new reason to move into the Inca Empire!

Our Religion!

In the Inca Empire we believe in the gods of nature. This is another great reason to live in the Inca Empire! Our gods are Illap, Paca Mama, Mama Cocha, Viracocha, and the most important Inti. Our most important is Inti because he is the sun god and the sun helps with all nature and life support. We care so much about our nature gods since nature helps support our life here in the Inca Empire.


In our Empire you will get to meet many tribes! They are the ones who have choose to join our empire as the came across. Tribes have their own religious beliefs but they had to promise that our Inca gods would always be known as more important and powerful. Imagine moving here and joining a tribe! Another great reason to move to the amazing Inca Empire!

Family Life!

Having a family in the Inca Empire is another amazing reason to live here! Groups of familes make up ayllus. Ayllus go from small villages to large towns. Most ayllus are home to all commoners. Your family members will spend most of their life in their ayllu. It's a nice community and a great way to grow up! What a great reason to move to the Inca Empire!

Messenger System!

In the Inca Empire we have a system to get words to people who may not live near to you. We have messengers who walk our 15,000 miles of road to give messages to people all over the place. It's amazing and another GREAT reason to come live in the Inca Empire! You can communicate in the best ways!