Happy Birthday Kevin Gordon!

Admired Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend, Mentor

Check out this Silver Fox of a husband!

Loyal, Loving and is not offended that his wife sometimes needs some silence from his snoring :-)

Hilarious. Giving. Forgiving. Bar-B-Q Master. Listener. Compassionate. Salesperson.


I'm sure Kevin was an Angel as a dear child and would never dream of doing nuisance things like lighting his grandfathers field on fire!

Family Feuds are as old as time but he has taught his kids as well as shown by example that Family is Forever and we should have Faith and believe in the best about each other and when we are let down, we Forgive, as Jesus did for us :-)

Adored Father who makes us laugh, teaches us, cooks, cuddles and consoles us!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN GORDON! You are loved my many!