The Great Barrier Reef human impact

Great Barrier Reef is Cool,but human impact is a bad thing

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What's happening to the Great Barrier Reef?

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the natural world.It's even larger than the Great Wall of China, and the only living thing that's visible from Earth.

Human Impact:

In recent years, there have been numerous threats that have created concern and worry

amongst biologists who don't wanna see this awesome natural miracle fall into decline.

these threats include:

shipping accidents: while the Great Barrier Reef is a popular place for tourists to take a cruise and other sightseeing vessels to pass through, the Great Barrier Reef has a huge amount of ocean traffic to pass through it's waters mostly every day of every year!

oil spills: There have been a huge number of oil spills over the last few decades that have affected the reef and it's marine life.Spills caused by passing oil containers,ships have still continued to occur.As a result, some of the damaged areas have become uninhabitable for marine life and there are predictions from experts that the reef may take up to 10 or 20 years to recover form the incident.

tourist visits: The millions of visitors that the Great Barrier Reef draws are also a massive threat to the Great Barrier Reef.Tourists do an activity called reef-walking.This is also not taking into account purposely or neglectfully destructive practices like littering and various forms of man-made pollutions.

There are also threats that are natural for instance:

Coral bleaching: an existence that occurs due to a reaction in water temperature.Coral bleaching can be a really big destructive force on reefs in general and especially the Great Barrier Reef.Corals are given their beautiful colours because of the algae who inhabit them.The warmer the water gets, the less algae there is which then leads to the coral losing their colour and it results in the bleach effect,from which the threat gets it's name.

The Crown of Thorns Starfish: Maybe the highest of threats is the Great Barrier Reef itself<(wait...what?!)The Crown of Thorns Starfish gets its name from feasting on the polyps of coral, releasing neurotoxins to absorb the 'tissue' of the coral and basically

'sucking the life' out of the reef's backbone.Once enough numbers of Crown of Thorns Starfish are grouped together, the impact on the Great Barrier Reef can be really Catastrophic!Many researchers believe that the current reason could be a result of a (agricultural) runoff which increases the amount of algae which serves as food for the starfish.

How to help the Great Barrier Reef

I've given you information about threats to the Great Barrier Reef, now here are a few ways to help stop the threats that are happening to the Great Barrier Reef.

1.Support conversation organisations and marine parks by donating, volunteering to help.

2.Help educate others about marine life and climate change and encourage them to

help the Great Barrier Reef.

3.Follow the Three 'R's-Reduce,Recycle,Reuse.By doing this, it won't cause anymore pollution if everyone recycles.

4.Plastics can choke and entangle marine life and can contain harmful chemicals that increase pollution.You can reduce plastic waste by:

*buying food with less vegetables loose instead of in plastic bags.

*switch to reusable bags like green bags.

*don't release balloons outdoors because they may end up in oceans harming marine life.

*Avoid buying bottled water.Use your own water bottle and refill it.

Here's how to take Care of the reef:

While on the reef,Don't touch anything-Touching hard coral and other organisms can

damage and kill them, as some have stinging cells and sharp spines,so they can also damage you back.Avoid both problems by keeping your hands off 'em.

No souvenirs-Hard bits of coral and shells look waaay better when they're alive in their natural habitats.Please resist the urge to take anything away.It's against the law anyways so no point in going to jail.

Maintain better control your buoyancy because the less often you or your gear will crash into the coral, saving you and the coral needless damage.

You will also find that finning gets easier, you'll use air more slowly when you dial in

your buoyancy.

watch your fins-They can do a lot of damage, especially to sea fans and the like, be aware of where your fins are.

Don't you Dare Litter!-Don't leave anything in water.Litter kills wildlife.

OK i think i've given you enough information so please help the Great Barrier Reef

and help stop the threats.

See? doen't the Great Barrier Reef look Awesome if we keep it from harm?


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