Disability Awareness

By Kade Child

Disabilities awareness

“People with disabilities are first and foremost people.” What can we do to help you ask? You can sign up for a program. Or give a donation no matter how big. Or simply do a small act of kindness. How should we treat them? With utter utmost respect. Did you know that 66 percent of people with disabilities our unemployed? All ways be as nice as you can to them! Never point out a disability. Try your best to make them feel included. "Change a life."

Positive-Negative Actions

Positive Reinforcement Brainstorm:

By donating you could employ many people.

By doing one simple act of kindness you could help someone with their day.

When you make them feel included you could change a life.

Always treat them with utter up most respect.

Negative Reinforcement Brainstorm:

By not donating 66% of people with disabilities will go unemployed!

By treating them with no respect than it could ruin their day!

When you leave them out you could ruin a life.



Notes/Answers to Questions

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