The Shawl Newsletter

By: Bridgette Bonenberger

Ask Anna for Advice


I believe that a friend of mine has stolen my underwear. They have been missing since I met him. I have looked everywhere but I am too embarrassed to ask him about it although I am almost positive that he has stolen them. What should I do?



My red-faced friend,

I would advice you to avoid his friendship. In a world full of bad things a panty-stealer is not needed. If you truly do believe that it was him then I would suggest that you refrain from associating with him. You don't want to put yourself in danger when it's not necessary.



Main Character - Rosa

Rosa Lublin is a Holocaust survivor living in Florida. She is not mentally stable and has flashbacks and hallucinations of her life during the Holocaust. She is supported financially by her niece Stella, and struggles to fit in with society around her. Her daughter Magda was allegedly killed during the Holocaust, but we later learn that Rosa lied about that to make Stella happy. Magda is alive and well, but Rosa is unable to keep close contact with her.

Supporting Character - Stella

Stella is Rosa's niece and was with her at the concentration camp. However, Stella has learned to forget about her past life and move on. Stella is able to live a financially stable life, supporting both herself and Rosa. She is mentally stable as far as the reader can tell, and is constantly pushing Rosa to better herself.



I hate the ending of this story. There is no significant event or realization that occurs at the end. We realize as the readers that the story has been only partly true because of Rosa's mental status, but other than that there is nothing that really happens. When I realized that I had finished the story I was confused and slightly upset. I feel as though the ending was quite confusing and I'm unsure as to what exactly was real and what Rosa imagined. However, I think that that may be how the author wanted me to feel. Either way, I was unhappy with the ending.