By Reporter : Cynthia Teodoro


This War happened June 6, 1944 known as "D-day". War was happening and it is very scary looking. So many Soldiers are losing legs, getting their heads blown off, their arms also. But it is very sad to see people go through this to fight for their country.
War was going on and what I saw made me realize that we should really appreciate the people that go to war to fight for our country. Also I saw how some people didn't make it, and It was so sad. Some still lived but either without an arm or leg or some body part. Bombs were also being blown and It scared me, I saw soldiers flying everywhere.


Some of the weapons I saw them use were like guns, bombs, tanks, and grenades. All of those were very helpful to the soldiers, but on the other side when they through grenades or bombs it hurt my ears and it made others weak because bombs are very dangerous obviously. But it was cool and scary at the same time watching war happen. I had to risk my life to go do that.