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First ever Band SSR started 9-3-2015. Currently it is breaking RECORDS. Two Land of Band citizens have been reading all day breaking all SSR records including Humanities, Math, Science, Health, Research and Keyboarding, General Art, and Band SSR's.

Open the Book, Read the Book, or sign the BOOK!!!!!!!!!!

D Monsters Invading Land of Band!!!

This is just in D monsters are invading down town Land of Band. They are getting worse and destroying more buildings and property. The army has tried everything to destroy them, but nothing works. They have tried killing it with swords, bullets, BOMBS. They even tried to kill it with fire. They recently found something to finally stop them. They need to KILL IT WITH WIND!!!!!!


You have been told that this flyer has been created by the Land of Band News Team. Well really that team now includes two members: Skyler Cole and Landen Nadelson. Both in fifth grade. If you can tell we use some of Mr.Murray's and Mr.Weirich. We take some of their ideas and expand them, some. Now you now the truth.