Sydney Kaspar


Pakistan is country in Asia.Pakistan is south of Afganistan, north of the Indiana Ocean, west of India, and east of Iran.

Capital City

The capital city of Pakistan is Islamabad.


The population of Pakistan as of today is 193,238,868.

Physical Features

  • The Indus River Valley
  • The Northern Mountains
  • The Baluchistan Plateau
  • Arabian Sea

Pakistan's Flag

I love Pakistan's flag!

History of Pakistan

  1. In 1947, East and West Pakistan were created
  2. In 2012, the Taliban injured Malala Yousafzai for speaking up
  3. In 2005, an earthquake went on of areas of the northern part of Pakistan
  4. In 1991, Islamic law is introduced

People&Places-Do you speak Urdu?

  1. Hello-Assalamo (ah-sah-lah-MO-ah-Lay-koom)
  2. Goodbye-Khuda hafiz (Khoo-DA-ha-FEES)
  3. Please-Mehrbani karke (may-har-bah-NEE-Kar-KAY)
  4. Thank you-Shukriya (SHOE-Kree-ya)\
  5. Yes-Ji haa (Jee-ha)
  6. No-Ji nahi (Jee-NAH-hee)


1. Favorite sport in Pakistan is cricket.

2. They LOVE to play field hockey.

3. The Basant festival celebrations is in Lahore.

4. Adult literacy: 54.9%


1. Pakistan is a federal republic.

2. Most Pakistanis work in farming or fishing.

3. Mean years of schooling: 4.9

4. Internet users (per 100 people) : 9

My Choice

1. Rupee is Pakistan money

2. The name Pakistan means "Land of the Pure."

3. It is impolite to point to the bottom of your foot or shoe at another person.