Coco Chanel


Positive: At a young age, her mother passed away and her father put her in an orphanage. There she was taught how to sew by nuns, which is the majority of the education that she received. Even with such limited resources, she took the one skill that she had been taught and used it as the foundation for her business. Although it doesn't seem like a very solid basis, she saw the opportunity to use the little that she had to its full advantage.

Resourceful: When she opened her first shop, she made dresses out of old curtains and jerseys, demonstrating that she fully used all of the resources that were available to her and was able to make a lot out of a little.

Determination: Even though she had to close all of her shops and press pause on her business during World War II, she made a big comeback after the war, reopening many of her shops, hiring more employees and creating new products.

Reason For Success

The main reason that I believe that Coco Chanel became so successful was that she created styles that were different and creative, which intrigued people and made them interested in buying her clothes and other products. Many of the clothes she made were all black, which a the time was seen as a color to wear during time of mourning, so it was different that she created clothes to be worn to events that were all black. The products that she made were seen as interesting and different for the time period.
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