Composting Bros

By: Nathaniel Coward & John Rowley

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The products of compost grows trees, flowers, heals soil, also it breaks down soil.

Things we put in the compost bin are: carrots, bananas, flowers, poop, eggs, apples.

Greens & Browns

Examples of Greens are: carrots, weeds, apples, flowers, poop, bananas

Examples of Browns are: leaves, twigs, woodchips, straw, bark, shreded paper, egg shells

Composting Benefits

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Three Fun Facts

  • Composting helps clean the world.
  • Old food scrapes produce a gas called Methane.
  • Garbage doesn't get used like compost because garbage goes in to big piles and doesn't

get tossed and turned.

Temperature Changes In Compost

Notice that the compost starts to heat up, after a couple of days it should be around 140 F.

Why Water Is It Necessary?

If it stays dry to long it takes to long to turn to compost.

Things to avoid in the in the compost bin

  • metal
  • plastic
  • Styrofoam
  • napkins
  • milk cartons
  • glass
  • wood
  • silverware

Decomposer's Job and Examples

Decomposers help break down the soil such as:

  • worms
  • fungi
  • bacteria

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