Techie Tuesday

April 5, 2016

Google has officially made the new Forms the default version and has added a lot of new features!

Here are some of the new features to check out this month in the new Google Forms:

Google Templates

Go to and see all of the helpful templates that are there and ready to use. Be sure to click on “More,” near the top right to see ALL of the templates.

Big image

Google Form Notifications

Get Notified for every form response. The Default is set to off, but you can enable it from the Forms settings menu (3 dots on the Responses tab).
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View Individual Responses in the Google Forms Editor

You will now be able to view each individual response in the same format of the form. THIS IS GREAT FOR TEACHERS! Now you can scroll through all of your students responses, page by page!
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Track Google Form Responses

You will also be able to see a list of who you have sent your form to, and how many haven’t responded yet.
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Google Form Add-ons

If you are not familiar with Add-Ons, Add-Ons give you some additional functionality inside Google Forms. To see and install Add-Ons, go to the three dots in the top-right (3 dots is always a menu or more actions), and select Add-Ons. From here, you can view the gallery of Add-ons. The puzzle piece at the top of the page allows you to choose and run the add-ons that you have already installed.
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