Pride and Predjudice

Lyndsey Andrus

When Elizabeth first met Darcy, she felt that he was very rude and egotistical and insulted Elizabeth...

Which is why I chose the song King of New York from Newsies because it's about someone being rude.

When Elizabeth showed up to the Bingley mansion, uninvited...

Ms. Bingley didn't want her there, but Darcy didn't mind. I chose Don't come a knocking from Newsies.

When Mr. Collins proposed to Elizabeth.

Because he was trying to win her affection with money. I chose Can't buy me love by The Beatles

When Darcy confessed his love for Elizabeth...

This song is about a man who deeply loves a woman and can't help himself.
The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love
twenty one pilots: Can't Help Falling In Love (Cover)
Newsies (Original Broadway Cast Recording) - 6. I Never Planned on You/Don't Come a-Knocking
Newsies: King of New York