Recycling Radioactive/Nuclear Waste


Radioactive/Nuclear Waste

Radioactive/Nuclear waste is a huge deal nowadays. It is a very important source of energy. It powers our homes and everything else that runs on electricity. This waste can do many good things, but many bad things too, such as nuclear accidents. Nuclear accidents are very bad because it can affect anyone near the area.


Recycling radioactive/nuclear waste is very important and can make or break the world. The nuclear waste can get in the air and kill our atmosphere which protects us from the sun's powerful rays. The recycling part of this waste is not very easy but it has to be done. There are nuclear plants everywhere around the world and it turns nuclear waste into electricity for our homes and that is how you recycle that waste.
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What that picture is up above ^

The picture up above is a nuclear plant that has a water source right near it so it can cool down the plant. The two tall buildings are called Containment Buildings and what that building is used for is the nuclear waste to be changed into electricity.

The Concerns of Nuclear Power

Some concerns of nuclear power are all of the accidents that have happened in the past and learning what a nuclear weapon can actually do because of when the USA attacked Japan in World War II after Pearl Harbor. Nuclear power can be very dangerous if you make it into a weapon because the damage is insane.


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