The Portz Press

April 27, 2016

Polluted Water Making Extinction Worse

Polluted water is causing more animal to be endangered. The Leatherback Turtles population has declined by 60% in less than 20 years. The. Polluted water causes deaths to about 1 million bird, and 100,000 sea mammals each year. In 1989 there was an oil spill that caused deaths to 250,000 seabirds, 300 seals, and 28,000 otters. It also destroyed billions of salmon and herring eggs.

Humans Affected by Dirty Water

Humans are regularly harmed by water pollution. There are about 3,575,000 people who die per year from water pollution. Out of those people about 2.2 million are children. The dirty water causes a death to someone in the world every 10 seconds.

Iron in Water Equals More Money

In Flint, Michigan iron got into there water pipes, it caused the people to buy water bottles for everything. It caused tens of millions of dollars in damage. Its going to cost millions of dollars in future pipe repair just in Flint. Also in Flint it would cost 1.5 billion dollars to replace all pipes.


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