Zoom Options

on Windows 10

Why it matters

Since visual problems are are really common and there are Magnification and visual aides for Windows platforms 7 and higher, it is important to highlight that tools are available (so that students can utilize them independently).

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The Verdict

the Magnifier/Zoom tool allows for a good amount of flexibility in magnifying the screen a segment at a time, or when following the cursor. It is an easy to set-up tool that's biggest challenge is playing around with it enough to get used to the bifocal-like focus point.

The top benefit is the ease of set-up, which takes about 30 seconds--it's as easy as 1,2,3:

Handy Guide to the When & Where of Zoom

  • To see small or hard to decipher fonts
  • To pin (dock) an area of interest you want to enlarge--one horizontal 'line' at a time
  • To use the cursor as a reading tool
  • to create a 'lens' area to explore images or text in greater detail

Get Students On Board!

Students who are empowered to help themselves are happy students.

Give them some videos to kick them off...

Magnifier Tool for Windows 10

And keyboard shortcuts for the techies:

Keyboard shortcuts:

Windows logo key + plus (+) or minus (-)Zoom in or out

Ctrl + Alt + SpacebarPreview the desktop in full-screen mode

Ctrl + Alt + DSwitch to docked mode

Ctrl + Alt + FSwitch to full-screen mode

Ctrl + Alt + IInvert colors

Ctrl + Alt + LSwitch to lens mode

Ctrl + Alt + RResize the lens

Ctrl+Alt+arrow keysPan in the direction of the arrow keys

Windows logo key + EscExit Magnifier

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