New Volunteer Orientation

Saturday, August 9th and Monday, August 11

One hour a week can change a child's life...

Volunteering at Runnin' WJ Ranch is a rewarding experience for both the student with special needs and their volunteer. Therapeutic horseback riding sessions are only an hour long, so the commitment is not much. However, your child will forever remember YOU as their sidewalker or horseleader. The only requirement is that volunteers must be at least 14 with an adult or 15 without an adult to participate in classes.

Volunteer Orientation will be Saturday, August 9th from 9am-12pm or Monday, August 11th, 6-9pm with our therapy classes starting September 8th and ending in May. We accept volunteers year round!

To become a part of the Ranch family, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Narda Launius at 903-838-3223. You can also visit us at, Facebook and Twitter to learn more about our program and how you can help in other ways. Thank you and God bless!

Runnin WJ Ranch - Kids & Volunteers are the Heart of our Ranch