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Judaism was a polytheistic religion. The start of Judaism was recorded in the torah, which is the first five books of the bible. A man named Abram was spoken to by god to spread the word that there is only one god. Jews traveled and settled in Egypt where they were enslaved to work for the pharaoh. A boy named Moses was put in a basket in the river to be protected from these harsh rules. The princess found Moses and adopted him. He eventually ran away and was spoken to by god to ask the pharaoh to let the Jewish go, and he refused, and god sent the ten plaques of Egypt.


Christianity started in Israel. Jews were the first Christians who believed Jesus was the son of the lord. Christianity is monotheistic, which is belief in only one god. Christians believe that there are three parts to god. The Lord, The Son, And the Holy Spirit, which were also called the trinity. Christians believe that when all people do something wrong, they should be saved and sent to heaven. The teachings of the Christian are found in the bible. Christianity came form Judaism, which is another one of the five basic religions.

The Three Main Kinds of Christains


Roman Catholics


The Three Christian Holidays

Christmas- The Celebration of Jesus's Birthday

Good Friday- The day that Jesus was crucified

Easter- The day that Jesus Died

Judaism's Holidays

Hanukah- The festival of lights

Yom Kippur- The Holiest Day of the year
Bar or Bat mitzvah- For when a boy or girl turns 13 years old

Jewish Sabbath- Begins at sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday


Hinduism is mainly practiced in India. There is known founder of Hinduism. Hindu's believe in the Law of Karma. they also believe in the authority of the Vedas. there are three main gods and one main goddess.

Hindu Gods an Goddess


Shiva- the "Destroyer"

Vishnu- the "all pervading"

Ganesha- clears all away of life's obstacles


Devi- The divine Female

Hindu Celebrations

Diuvali - The festival of lights. It is the Hindu New Year

Holi- The festival that marks the coming of spring

Dussehra- The festival that marks Rama's triumph over the evil Ravana

Kumbah- Bathing Celebration


Islam was founded by Muhammad in 610 C.E. Muhammad was visited by the angel who speaks for god and said he would write the teaching of god. When he died, his revelations were collected into the Quran and Muslims established the 5 pillars of faith. Muslims have two major religious observances a year, Ramadan and Haji

The Five Pillars

1. Belief

2. Prayer

3. Charity

4. Fasting

5. Pilgrimage(Haji)


Buddhism was founded by Siddhartha Guatma. He lived a life of luxury. Then he left the palace and saw immense human suffering.

The Four Noble Truths

There is suffering in the world. To live is to suffer

The cause of suffering is self-centered desire and attachments.

The solution to eliminate desire and attachment
To reach nirvana, one must follow the Eightfold path

Buddhist Celebrations

Buddhist New Year