Law & Order: Three Blind Mice

By: Aziza Henry

Breaking News

Local woman is arrested for allegedly chopping off the tails of three innocent sight impaired mice. Witnesses include the family of the mice and the woman's husband. There was no indictment or grand jury present as the judge declared it a misdemeanor due to the type of animals (pest/rodents) that were harmed. Several subpoenas were sent out a week ago for the petit jury that was instead called to assess the accusations made against the woman. Her arraignment was yesterday and her bail was set at $500. The defendant is pleading not guilty as stated by her public defender who will be representing her in this case. There was no plea bargain and prosecution believed that they had enough evidence to convict her quickly.The defendant had already committed perjury almost as soon as she had her chance to talk, stating that she had no idea how the mice tails' ended up in her home. The judges verdict was swift and the woman was convicted. No appeal has been petitioned so far.