By: Kylie Gavinski

My Club.

My club name is Madison Elite Volleyball Club. I am on the second best national team called, black. The best team is named, teal they are nationals too! We practice Friday 5:30-7:30 at Keva in Middleton and on Sunday's we practice 5-7 at Turners in Monona!

Volleyball Tournament

Saturday, March 19th, 7pm

Milwaukee, WI

This weekend we have Badger Regions. This is the most important tournament we have.

Why Volleyball Is So Important To Me

Volleyball is really important to me because I have been playing it since I was in 3rd grade. Volleyball takes me to another place that I cannot explain, I takes me away from school, little brother, and other things that get me stressed/worked up about. The club that I am on does a lot of team bonding and puts less weight on my shoulder compared to my last club.