Inventions and Innovations of 1860

Repeating Rifle

(Oliver F. Winchester) Winchester Repeating Arms Company

American businessman, politician, and inventor; created the most modernized weapon to date.

What is it?

The Winchester Reapeter is at the forefront for weapon technology. It is a long barreled rifle with standard round that removes all the time needed for powder and reloading. Simply put in bullets, pull the trigger, and recock. No muss, no fuss.

Why So Special?

Repeating rifles are much better then single-shot rifles , they allow you to shoot alot faster then before and fire alot more bullets. This means you can blast away more then once without having to reload!

Why Should I Care?

Low recoil, Large chamber, No immediate reload, Long time for fire. The question should not be why should I care but instead why don't I have one.