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If you are new member to any gym, when you have a look around you, you feel that you are surrounded by the world of most strange type of equipments and machines that don’t even have any use. But, you are wrong. It’s just because you find yourself new to the world of gym and training.

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There are many types of accessories and equipments that are used while you start your work out after joining a gym because they are not just mere accessories, they support the exercise and helps you in getting your desired result from the gym in a definite amount of time. The easiest type of accessory or equipment that you can use is the cardio machines. The people who have used motions of walking, running, pedaling do not use any specific types of accessories as they are the easiest types of exercises. However, in cycling or pedaling, people do make sure that you have your gloves on as it can help your hands stay safe. Once you start getting familiar with the cardio exercise, you get to know the basic types of accessories that are needed at the time of your work out.

Ttypes of Gym accessories

Following, we discuss some major types of accessories that are greatly used most of the time in performing many types of exercises:

1. Power Rack: The power rack helps you to lift heavy weights safely and securely without damaging yourself. They are supported by steel rails that outline a cube or something like a hollow rectangle where you can step inside. The barbell goes directly to the middle of the rectangle, hanging to the middle of the sides. You can set your own level of stops wherever you want at any level, like chest height etc.

2. The Smith machine: It is a type of barbell that is supported in a fixed vertical track that serves almost the same purpose as that of a standard weight training machine. Like the power rack does, you can safely set your own stop in this as well at any level you desire. There is also a hook at each end of the bar.

3. BOSU ball: They are more like an exercise ball that is mounted on a stiff platform made of plastic. If you sit, stand or lie at any side of the ball, it forces your muscles to balance the instability caused due to the ball.

4. Wrist roller machines: There are some kinds of wrist roller machines or free weight machines that are made up with a length of rope that is fixed with a bar and the weight is placed at the rope. You have to hold the bar using your palms facing down and rotate the bar towards you in order to lift the weight.

5. Plyometric Platforms: These are the platforms that are the powerful boxes or elevated platforms of changeable height. You carry out jumping exercises with these platforms in order to build power and strength within you. You can also utilize them as high bases for strength-training exercises such as leg dips or step-ups.

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