Bradley Wonders Newsletter

Happy Spring Break!!

Hi Parents!

I just wanted to say thank you for taking time to come out for conferences to talk about your child's growth. They have worked hard this quarter. I hope you have a wonderful spring break with your families. Feel free to email pictures from the break for students to be able to share when they return.

Celebration Corner

Hooray!! We have met our goal of 200 marbles this quarter. It came down to the last few days but we did it! Students have chosen to celebrate today with Pizza, Drink and a movie! What a fun way to end the quarter!

Congrats to our Top Readers this week:

Benji with 1,553 minutes

Sophie and AnnElise with 840 minutes

Sahasra with 770 minutes

We read a total of 68,000 minutes this quarter!! Wow!

Students Shared Their Bridge Project

St. Patrick's Day with our 1st Grade Buddies!

Spring Party!