Similarities and Differences

Between Frankenstein and Jurassic Park



Protagonist-Victor is the protagonist because the story is mainly focused on him. Also, he undergoes a lot of troubles, which is one of the most important characteristics of a protagonist.

Antagonist- The monster is the antagonist. The monster constantly bothers victor by destroying what he cares like his friends or wife.

Jurassic Park-

The main protagonist is Dr. Alan Grant because he encounters a lot of problems. He and Tim, Lex, other scientists has to escape from dinosaurs.

The antagonist is Dennis Nerdy because he is the main reason why the park gets in troubles. He shuts down nearly all the security system, causing the dinosaurs to roam freely.



One example of man vs man conflict would be Victor and himself. He wants to destroy the monster but in order to be a good created he has to take a good care of the monster.

The monster vs. people in the society is the example of man vs. society. For most of the time, the monster is not accepted by the human society because he looks scary.

Jurassic park-

The example of man vs. himself is John Hammond and himself. Although he made the park and does not want to leave it behind, he has to because it is too dangerous, and he is struggling with that.

Dennis Nerdy vs the scientists is the example of man vs. society. The scientists are fighting to get the system back, which Dennis Nerdy shut down.


Theme for Jurassic park -Although it seems like human beings are controlling nature, they are not because nature has more power.

For both Jurassic park and Frankenstein-You should be careful when taking advantage of scientific technology because it may harm society.

For Frankenstein- Some things should remain secret and you really should not investigate it.

Ending scenes


At the end, Frankenstein and Jurassic park have similar situations because there are people killed in both stories. In Frankenstein, people who are important to Victor such as his friends or his wife are killed by the monster. In Jurassic park, People like Dennis Nerdy or the lawyer are eaten by the dinosaurs.


There are some differences between the ending of Jurassic park and Frankenstein. First, the protagonist in Frankenstein which is Victor is dead at the end of the story, but the main protagonist in Jurassic park which is Dr. Alan Grant is able to get out of the park alive. Also, in Jurassic park, protagonists are able to save their own lives by bringing the security system back, but in Frankenstein, Victor is not able to do anything about the monster's action.


The quest which Walton is on is to tell the whole story about Victor and the monster to his sister by writing the letters.

The quest which the monster is on is to somehow find a way to live normally, and revenge Victor for leaving him alone.

The quest which Dr. Hammond is on is to save the park which he made.

The quest which Dr. Grant is on is to save Tim and Lex, and to get out of the park safely.