As if the arrival of Summer wasn't enough!

What does your summer have in store for you?

Beaches, baseball and barbeques! Everyone loves that about summer. But here at Stella and Dot, lets not forget about Bling!!! From Dot Dollars, to Hostess Bonus Days, to an AMAZING stylist sign up incentive and even a preview of our fall collection! Oh and did I mention that I will be raffling off our new and FABULOUS Avalon Tote that is being launch in our fall preview collection!!

Need Ideas? Call me!

As your personal stylist, its my job to help you find the perfect gift for someone or even for yourself. Take a look at the collection here Then call me at 908-868-8023 and I can help you narrow it down or even find something you hadn't thought of!

Hostess Bonus Days are Back!

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A Stella & Dot Trunk show doesn't have to be a major affair. Just a group of friends getting together for a glass of wine on the patio, by the pool, with the kids or without the kids....summertime get togethers are about casual, laid back and relaxing days and nights. With an extra $50 in hostess rewards, why not pull together a couple of friends for Jewels by the Pool or Sangria in the Shade (I have a great recipe). I am booking for June and have lots of dates available!!! What will your Summer Stella Show theme be?
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Our Fall preview collection launches very soon and the ever popular Avalon Tote is now available by popular demand from our stylists and customers in BLACK!!!! Book in for a June Show and I will enter you for a chance to win this bag!!!! Come know you want this one in your closet!!!!
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Join in June - it Can Cost You Nothing and Give You Everything!

It's BAACK!! For the month of June, new stylists joining Stella & Dot will have the opportunity to get a rebate on their $199 start up kit fee! Learn more here... and click on Become a Stylist! or call me at 908-868-8023.
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Stella & Dot: Join the Adventure!

For all your Styling & Accessorizing Adventures!!

Whether you are picking a gift for someone special, trying to finish the perfect look, getting your girls over to see the collection or thinking about jumping in yourself, as your personal stylist, I am here to make it fun, fabulous, easy and delightful!

To Summer....may she be long and warm (but not too sweltering!)