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Weekly Blog November 10th-14th, 2014

Look what has been happening!

Dear Families,

Each week we design the blog with the anticipation that families will dedicate some time to read and review the photos with their child. The weekly blog can help build conversations of what your child participated in and enjoyed while at school. We hope that you use the blog as a resource tool for additional information about our program and about your child and how they learn.

This week students continued their exploration of pets! If you stopped in the welcome hallway you have seen puppies designed by our budding artists. Some students also chose to create illustrations of pets they have at home or our school pets. Students began operating a rescue center this week complete with a veterinarian wing to help any sick pets that come their way! We had some very serious Doctors on board! Students are eager to help the animals of Nate's Honor Rescue by donating items on their wish list! Please bring supplies in next week to help fill the bin for Nate's Honor Rescue! We are so thankful for our rescue pets Valentino and Stella here at TerraNichol Academy of the Arts!

Wassily Kandinsky is a student favorite as they discuss bright colors and shapes used by the artists. Students were surprised to discover that Kandinsky did not begin experimenting with art until he was in his 30's. Students used circles, squares, watercolors, and tempera paints in the art studio to create masterpieces inspired by Kandinsky's concentric circles. Take a moment to view the pieces on display in the rock room!

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Creating Life Long Learners
Inspiring students to be excited to learn and explore is the main component of our developed curriculum and approach. Creating a community of life long learners is not only essential for individual success but also for the success of our world. We, as early educators, are molding future presidents, educators, artists, and doctors to name a few. We strongly believe that the desire to learn and grow should not stop when we are grown but we should continue to challenge and better ourselves throughout life. Creating an environment where education is viewed as an exciting component of daily life will instill pride within each child molding a life long learner. Students are encouraged to ask questions, observe, explore, and analyze through exciting, age appropriate and hands on activities.